preparing for sex effectively

Sex is one of the things that do not have an instruction manual. Everyone’s experience is different. One may be wondering about so many things on how to get ready for sex. This is especially for first-timers; they may do everything wrong making them hate even the thought of having sex. Below is how to prepare for sex the right way.

Avoid hyping yourself

One should know that it is just sex and not any other thing that needs to be hyped about. When one begins to excite themselves up, it is very easy for anxiety to set it. This might make one not perform well even if they were to perform well. If you find yourself nervous, try taking deep breathes that will help you calm down.

Lower your expectations

preparing for sexOne should not go with the expectation that sex is supposed to be mind-blowing. It may be mind-blowing but do not use your expectations to judge its quality. Sex is usually subjective hence what arouses you may not necessarily arouse your partner. One will expect that the other person will rock their world, but it may not happen. The first experience should not be the judge of quality sex there is a second and a third time for that.

Keep it clean

Taking a shower is a must. Being clean is a good way of enhancing the sexual experience. Nothing would be more disgusting than that smell of stale sweat when having sex. It is necessary to take a shower and ensure that you scrub the nooks and crannies of your body since someone may decide to lick them.


When going on a date, one should try to predict whether they will end up having sex. This way will help your mind prepare psychologically for the events that will follow after the date. This will also help you prepare for all the other aspects.

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Dress properly

Dressing plays a major role when it comes to sex preparation. One should wear clothes that are easy to put on or remove. Do not go for that cloth with one hundred buttons; one may get tired opening the buttons by the time they get the clothes off their feelings have changed. Dressing lightly even sets the mood for the sex. If possible go for clothes that slide on and off. One should also ensure that their hair is tied up properly so that their partner does not end up with hair in the mouth.

Go to the bathroom just before

This will give you a few minutes to freshen up so that you can also smell good. This will ensure that the mood is right since a stale sweaty smell may make one cringe hence a bad sex experience.

Turn off your phone

This is a private time, and any disturbance may destroy the moment. Your concentration will be ruined even if you put it in silent mode, but since you can see someone calling, you won’t fully concentrate on your partner. Avoid such distractions so that you enjoy the moment fully.